Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 29-33: It's done!

This is just a quick update as today was the very last day of my 4-Romance-Language-projectYes, the time is already over, I can't believe it!

This last week was pretty quiet, I didn't want to start any topics as I felt well equipped after focusing on verb forms the last weeks. So I revised grammar and worked on my Anki-flashcards to make them more efficient (added pictures and mp3-examples etc.). This was also a preperation for my next project, which is already planned and will be announced soon. Well, actually it will be very soon because I will start my project on Oct, 2 which is next Wednesday :)

So there is not much interesting to report you from last week but within the next days I will sit down and reflect the whole project. Of course I will upload a review including lessons learned, reflections, missed and reached goals etc. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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