Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 23 - Another vacation break - time for reading

Friday was the 23rd day of my 4-Romance-Languages-Project. Next week I will be on vacation and therefore interrupt my project. The week after my last two weeks of the Project start. The end is coming closer but there is still a lot to do.
I've managed to study all verb forms in all languages except the subjunctive/conjunctive forms. This will be the big progamm for the week after vacation. As I know the concept of this verb mode pretty well from Spanish, it won't be such a hassle as it used to be when learning Spanish :-) I'm really happy that I'm already through this. The remaining two weeks wouldn't be enough time to catch this topic otherwise. Related to this is the sequence of tenses and reported speech. Depending on how well it goes I have about one week left to revise whatever is necessary.
Reading Programm for vacation:
  • I've just downloaded a few articles from Wikipedia and transformed them into the MOBI-Format for my Kindle.
  • bilingual books from the library
  • my Kindle full of E-Books that have been on my to-read-list in various languages
Vocabulary status:
I've played a lot on Duolingo recently and managed to reach the second lock in FR/IT/(nearly) PT (and I used the shortcut for Spanish :)) I usually write down new vocabulary and add it to my vocabulary list. Although I regularly transfer words to Anki there is been quite a backlog, especially for IT and PT as I get a lot of new words out of my workbooks. So before vacation I seized the opportunity and transfered all my lists completely to Anki.

I'm looking forward to a week of reading and relaxing. It's a perfect chance to recover before the last intensive days of my project and the new term starting soon.

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